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Pat shooting at the IFAA World Field Archery Championships in Estonia representing USA and NFAA 2022



"While at the Vegas Shoot I ran into Pat Norris with the PN X Factor compound bow that he began production on this year. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to try out the X Factor. I shot it a few times and ended up bringing home the #2 prototype. This bow is a shooter. Extremely smooth and will definitely improve your performance at any level. Best thing I ever did was purchase this bow. "
-Vernon "Grumpy" Roberts







"It was a pleasure meeting Vernon and Alina at the 2024 Vegas shoot. Vernon purchased my #2 prototype PNX-Factor and after returning to Texas had it Anodized Marine Blue...."Mr. Grumpy" thank you for your service and your comment about the bow." -Pat Norris












Stephen Kendrick IFAA Vice President and Pat at the North American Field Archery Championships in Everglades Florida.  September 2017.  Pat won and became   Men's Bow Hunter Freestyle limited Champion.








 Best friend Dave Townsend (New York)  and Pat at the IFAA North America Field Archery Championships Florida










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