Repair & Services

We are pleased to inform you that Pat Norris Archery still does metal cable changes on your older compound bows. We stock both the 1/16 plastic coated cable and 3/32 plastic coated heavy-duty cable. All of our cables are tipped with moulded double teardrops to make bowstring changes easy for you in the field.

Our metal cable change includes; pulling your axles and inspecting them for straightness and grooves. We also inspect the oil-lite bushing that was used in the older bows. We lubricate the axle holes, oil-lite bushings and the axles when re-installing them. If you need new axles or any other parts we will contact you via email and explain any parts or cost before doing the work. If you wish we will send all replaced parts back to you with your bow.

We match cable length to the cables you are changing out unless you want the draw length shortened a little.

We measure the Pigtail length, and set your eccentrics at the correct length. We then measure on our custom made cable layout board the buss cable length and correctly compress the swedge. We place heat shrink tubing over the swedge for a professional look and safety cushion between the swedge and bowstring.

We recommend you also purchase a new bowstring for your bow. Pat Norris suggest that if your bow had a Dacron bowstring on it that you replace it with a Dacron bowstring.

If your bow was capable of using Fast Flight bowstrings we can replace your old string with a new Fast Flight bowstring.

I also suggest that you purchase an extra bowstring, as most archers carry at least one spare in their tackle box or quiver. Don’t forget to look at your arrow rest. I recomend using Springy arrow rest in most cases.

If you shoot your bow a lot it is highly recommended that you change bowstrings every year and cables every two years. It is always best to do preventative maintenance and replace consumable parts before they break. Older bows can possibly delaminate when cables or bowstrings break during a shot. Yours may never break but why take a chance with a great shooting older bow.

You may drop your bow off at Pat Norris Archery
or ship it to me at:
12419 Squirrel Creek Road
Grass Valley, CA 95945.

Normal repair time is 4 days and then shipped back to you.

Please email me first so that we can discuss your bow and it’s needs.

Inspection of bow, check limbs, eccentrics, axles, riser for any safety problems $20.00
Any additional parts needed will be price quoted via email before work begins.

If your bow had a Dacron bowstring on it then you replace it with a Dacron bowstring.

See Prices below.

Shipping insurance and handling back to you is Market Price (USPS, FedEx, UPS)
for most compounds to the lower 48 USA States.
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other countries is more expensive.

Metal Cable Change $48.50
Custom Made Dacron Bowstrings $24.95
Fast Flight Bowstrings $29.95

Original Springy Arrow Rest $22.95
Micro Adjust Stainless Steel Arrow Rest $57.50

Hoyt Double Stick Arrow Rest $7.95

Plus shipping charges if  purchased separate from bow repair.

Contact me for a quote