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2440 Fleetwood Edge Take-Down Bow 62 inch

2440 Fleetwood Edge Take-Down Bow 62 inch

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The new 62-inch Edge takedown recurve has all the features of many high-end high-dollar recurve bows.
This bow is priced to satisfy any budget and get a great bow into your hands for hunting or target shooting.

Redesigned Clean new Limb-Pockets
Enhanced Limb tips for extra strength and beauty.
It is Drilled and tapped for Adjustable Arrow rest (see Springy Arrow Rest page), Stabilizer, and bow sight.
The Metal threaded units are all pre-installed for you.
The Riser is Multi-laminated with Dymond Wood, White Oak, and Padouk.
Hard Maple and Fiberglass Limbs with strong reinforced Tips.
Bow string included and brace height is recommended between 7 1/2 to 8 1/4 inches.
This bow with proper care can and will be shooting 50 years from now.

Please use a bowstring STRINGER whenever stringing your bow for safety and ease of stringing.

Sizes in stock ready to ship are:

RH 62" 25 pound

RH 62" 29 pound

RH 62" 35 pound

RH 62" 40 pound

RH 62" 45 pound

All other poundage bows are Special ordered at this time.

If you need arrow shafts click this link: 


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