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Pat Norris Archery

Archer's Fingers Release Trainer

Archer's Fingers Release Trainer

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M50 Gear training and exercise

Designed for archery training at your holding weight and exercising the “ARCHERY” muscles.

It is a known fact that “ARCHERY” muscles really do not get used except when shooting a bow and arrow.  It makes no difference if you are shooting compound, recurve, long bow or a genesis.  Shooting builds the correct muscles.  Just pulling a stretch band, inner tube etc helps you loosen up but M50 Gear is better.

Don Avery from M50 gear has solved the problem.  I am happy here at Pat Norris Archery to offer his products to you.  You can train your shot execution at your draw weight in the house or on the go for either release aid shooters or finger shooters..  I carry them in my bow case so I always have them.

In my opinion if you do 3 to 5 sets of exercises every day you will increase your strength, stamina and become a better archer.

Please watch the Introduction video here:

Watch the exercise video here:  

  • Enhances/Replaces the string bow, allowing a more really stick feel
  • Custom fit to you and your desired Hold Weight by using our Sizing Chart
  • Easy to use, draw and release like your bow
  • NASP shooters can practice anywhere and any time
  • Focus on form and technique with hundreds of releases, improving at a greater speed
  • Train new archers on proper release technique
  • Available two different strengths:

10 Lb. Max Draw - recommended for lighter bow strings (Genesis)

20 LB. Max Draw-  recommended for heavier bow strings

The 10 LB Max Draw model feels just like the Genesis bow and is for lower hold weights. The 20 LB Max Draw model is more rigid and can be drawn up to 20 lbs. (Warning! Always wear an arm guard if releasing trainer with either fingers or release aid). To adjust holding weight and draw lengths please see the green and red sizing chart. Use and Safety Instructions can be downloaded here. More information farther down below here!
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