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Fleetwood Monarch 62" Take Down Bow 2450

Fleetwood Monarch 62" Take Down Bow 2450

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The Monarch has a multi-laminated wood handle riser Of maple and other hardwoods, that has been scaled down
The limbs are maple core with black fiberglass and reinforced limb tips.
Comfortable 62 inch length that will work well for archers shorter than 5 ft. 11 inches.   Right Hand or Left Hand fits most teanagers and adult new archers.
Draw weights measured at 28 inches.
If you draw less than 28 you will loose approximately 2 pounds per inch and if your draw is longer than 28 inches you will gain approximately 2 pounds per inch. Not designed for longer than 29 inch draw, longer draws can damage the bow.
I recommend this size bow for youth archers that have a tru-draw of 21 to 28 inches and are 12  years of age to adults
Draw weights available from 20 pounds to 50 pounds in 5 pound increments.

This bow is equipped with bow site bushings, stabilizer bushing and comes with a bowstring.

A word to the wise---do not purchase a too-heavy bow to start with, you want to physically control the bow. You can always purchase a heavier set of limbs once your "Archery Muscles" are developed.  Pat recommends ladies start at 25 or 30 and men 30 or 35 pounds.

Please NOTE always use a bow Stringer to brace your bow. 

These beautiful good shooting bows are imported so from time to time we will be temporarily out of stock until our next shipment clears customs. If we are out of stock we will either backorder your bow and ship it to you ASAP or refund your money.

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