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INSTRUCTIONS: This tool is easy to use. It holds 12 vanes at a time.

Simply set your vanes in the slots with the large portion of the vane near the open end of the tool.

Get your alcohol, lacquer thinner, or other cleaning agent ready to use.

Take a white paper towel or white cotton rag and dampen it with your cleaning solution.

Squeeze the slots in the tool together and wipe your vane bases clean.

Take them out of the tool and place them on a white paper towel.

Load 12 more vanes and repeat the cleaning process.

In a very short time, you will be cleaning enough vanes to fletch one dozen arrows in just a few minutes. The Fletcher's Friend SAVES you money in many ways.

1.. Saves you labor time.

2.. Saves your cleaning solution. You will use less and get a better job.

3.. Allows you to clean your vanes better and more consistently.

4.. Helps you fletch more arrows in less time.
I use and always recommend FLEX FLETCH VANES. In my opinion, they are the least expensive vanes manufactured today. The reason they are less expensive is that they will outlast other manufacturers' vanes about 4 to one. Instead of having to re-fletch your arrows almost every time you pass through a bale. (most manufacturers' vanes bend over, out of shape, and then stay that way)
FLEX FLETCH VANES have a memory and will straighten back to about 98 - 99 percent of the original shape.

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts to help with your vane adhesion to any type arrow shaft:

  • Do - Use acetone, lacquer thinner, wood alcohol or isopropyl alcohol if it is at least 97% pure.
  • Do - Use a clean 100% cotton cloth. An old T-shirt works great.
  • Do – Place your vanes (12) in the Fletcher’s Friend Vane Cleaning tool or use the old slower method of placing one vane in the fletching clamp before cleaning the base.
  • Do - Wrap the cloth around a fingertip and apply a liberal amount of solvent or dampen a folded cloth and wipe the 12 vanes vigorously.
  • Do - Rub the base of the all-12 vane lengthwise once in each direction. Move your finger slightly to use a fresh surface on the return pass or turn the folded cloth while wiping vanes.
  • Do - Use a fresh area of cloth and a new solvent on each vane or 12 vanes.
  • Do - Clean and rub all carbon dust off carbon arrows
  • Don't - Use rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, cotton swabs (Q-Tips) or paper towels. They often contain oils and chemicals which interfere with adhesion.
  • Don't - Smoke near the fletching area.
  • Don't - Use a cloth that has been tumble-dried with any of the fabric softener sheets used in dryers.

Remember - If your vanes aren't sticking properly, check to see which surface the glue is adhering better to. Also, if you are having trouble it all boils down to one thing: Something isn't getting clean. Make sure you are using clean solvent and that your fletching tools are clean. I have pulled my arrows from the target, bales, foam, or 3-D animals by placing my hand over my Flex Fletch fletching to get a better grip on the arrow for removal. I have done this for years and do not lose vanes. Flex Fletch vanes come back to their original fletching angles and still shoot accurately. I do not recommend you pull arrows as I do, as I do not want you to blame me if you have a few vanes come loose.

Thanks from your bowpro

Pat Norris  

Buy 5 packs of 100 Flex Fletch vanes. Get a few friends to co-op your order! You can mix sizes and colors! I will include at no charge ONE FLETCHERS FRIEND VANE CLEANING TOOL.

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