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Genesis Youth Bow - MINI

Genesis Youth Bow - MINI

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The idea behind Genesis Bows is simple: help youth everywhere experience the thrill of pulling back a bow and sending an arrow flying to the target. Genesis is the official bow of NASP, the National Archery in the Schools Program. That means over 2 MILLION youths (7 to 18 years) shoot Genesis bows for fun and competition in over 9000 schools across the country.
They are building confidence and learning the value of FOCUS, DISCIPLINE AND SPENDING TIME OUTDOORS AND THE FUN OF ARCHERY. These lucky "kids" are learning a lifetime sport.

Smaller lighter version of the Original Genesis® bow Only 2 pounds physical weight, the bow is easy for youngsters to draw and aim without getting fatigued

Zero Let-off draw.
Cannot outgrow the draw length of the bow.
Easy and fun to shoot.
Shoots like a more powerful bow.
Rugged, this bow is built to last Everyone in the family can shoot this bow

Available in Black, Red, Blue and AMBUSH CAMO 
Made in the USA

The MINI Bows are 6 to 12 pound adjustable and 14 to 24 inch draw and must be ordered for either right hand or left hand.

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