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Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher Kit

Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher Kit

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Color for 50 Pack Of Vanes
2nd Color Choice for 50 Pack of Vanes

1 Base with 2 V-Blocks
1 Three Fletch Indexer (shown on the arrow)
1 Four Fletch Indexer
2 Lock down Clips
4 Vane "nests" one each below:
-1/2 degree offset will hold up to 4 inch vanes
-1 degree offset will hold up to 4 inch vanes
-2 degree offset will hold up to 3.25 inch vanes
-3 degree offset will hold up to 2.25 inch vanes

1 Goat Tuff Glue Stand
1 Goat Tuff Cyanoacrylate Glue(7-gram bottle)

With this fletcher you can fletch faster and more accurate than any other fletcher I have ever used. Once you get used to it you can easily fletch a dozen arrows in less that 1/2 hour.


You can use almost any vane available today that has a wider base, but I recommend The GT Opti-Vanes as I have found they are the toughest vane I have tested. They are very "Tear Resistant" so as your groups get tighter you will damage as many vanes.

In the real world, it is sometimes more important to keep things simple! Our archery industry has become more complicated over the years. The GT Arrow Fletcher developed by my good friend Jerry Smith is just such a product. This amazing Fletcher eliminates the many problems archers have fletching their arrows.

TCD = True Contact Design centers any size arrow from the smallest to the largest. The vane sits below the arrow shaft in the "Vane Nest".  The shaft is pushed down to make solid contact with the vane adhering the fletch to the arrow. Hold the shaft down for 7 to 10 seconds and the vane is secured and ready for the next vane when using Goat Tuff Cyanoacrylate Glue. Place another vane in the "Vane Nest" and repeat the process. In about 1 minute you have completed a three fletched arrow.

Included in this package is:

* ONE GT Arrow Fletcher
* TWO 50 packs of vanes --- your choice of colors and your choice of size either OPTI-Vane 2 inches long or the OPTI-Vane II 2.75 inches long.
Colors Available: White, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, Black or Pink
* ONE bottle 7 gram GT High Performance Glue will fletch 6 to 7 dozen arrows.

The value of this Package is Ninety-Nine Dollars... Save over $15!

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