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Pat Norris Archery

Individual RPLM Springs

Individual RPLM Springs

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Spring Weight

New 35 oz NOW in Bright Silver

Replacement Springs for Springy Rest. ( Selecting One Size, One Spring Only) (Does not include Rest assembly,  Either Original or Micro Adjust) You may order more than one Springy Coil and more than one weight.

For additional sizes, return to this page.

Springy Set up!
The springy arrow rest is pretty simple. Standard Springy….Screw in the base/rod. Screw a spring on it. Adjust the center shot and tighten the base/rod with a hex nut. Micro Adjust body tighten by adjusting it tight against the supplied washer. Do not over-tighten as you can break it. If you need more or less left-right adjustment either take out a washer or add a washer to help adjust the center shot.
Adjust it so that the center of your arrow is in the center of the coil resting on the arm. Shoot some arrows and check alignment with the target…adjust left or right to get the arrow hitting down the middle. If you have a nock high or low adjust your nocking point to get it flat.

The best archers usually had a paper tear of about 1/4 inch at 11:00 o’clock shot from 6 to 8 feet.

Most archers buy two or three different sizes of springs and then shoot one for a week or so. Then change to another spring weight and shoot it for a week or so. You will find that one setup works perfectly for you and you also will find that a buddy will shoot a different weight springy even though you both have the same weight bow, same arrow size and length. It just happens.

Please Read "Springy Arrow Rest - Rules of Thumb"

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