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Matrix Custom JR. 54" Take-Down Bow

Matrix Custom JR. 54" Take-Down Bow

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This Custom bow combines the beauty of a light toned multi-laminated handle riser of ASH and BEECH woods. Equipped with BLACK laminated wood and fiberglass limbs for a visually striking look.

The Matrix Custom Jr recurve bow has been scaled down to fit the hand size, physical strength and draw length our Junior archers from 5 years old to 11 or 12 years depending on their size. Boys or Girls will be thrilled with these quality recurve take-downs.

It is available in 2 different bow lengths to fit your growing new archer.

The limbs align perfectly and are easily taken off the Riser with NO TOOLS required. When taken down it will fit a small bow case or even into your suit case for traveling.
Factory installed metal insert bushings for easily attaching a bow sight, stabilizer or Micro-Adjustable Springy Rest or Berger Button are installed in the 54 and 58 inch bows.

Here is a bow that anyone in your family will be proud to own and enjoy shooting our great games in archery. The Ragim Matrix Custom Jr. is also know as the Ragim Matrix Deluxe Jr. in non US markets.

As your young junior archer grows and gets stronger you can order a heavier set of limbs to keep them shooting well. At this price you can start all your family with quality long lasting and expandable equipment.

The Matrix Custom Jr. is available in two sizes and weights to fit your youngest archer.

Please do not forget to use a bow stringer every time you string your bow for your safety and to help maintain straight and undamaged limbs.

Available bow lengths:
54 inch
58 inch

Poundages available:
54 inch bow 12 to 30 pounds in 2 pound increments
58 inch bow 12 to 30 pounds in 2 pound increments

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