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Pat Norris Archery

Pat’s ILF Custom Wood Riser

Pat’s ILF Custom Wood Riser

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Two years in the design and testing.  Pat is presenting you two lengths of a beautiful wood ILF risers. 19 inch and 21 inch. Both Right Hand and Left Hand are in Stock.

The grip is customized to what Pat shot back in the 1960’s. Absolutely comfortable, large or small hands fit right into the throat of the grip and torque Is eliminated. You will not slip off of the riser as it is slightly higher where the bow hand pad sits.  You will not notice it but your bow hand will stay in one place.

Black phenolic Micarta  laminates are accented with white glass and Red Future wood center has two black accent laminations  These materials not only are beautiful but they add shock absorbing weight to stabilize the bow every shot.

Pat designed this riser for the trad archer or the recurve archer that wants to add stabilizers, Springy Arrow Rest or plunger and a stabilizer.  The shelf is curved so you could shoot off a rug if you wish.

ILF Limbs from all manufacturers will fit right in.  Therefore, an archer can use his Hoyt, Samick, TradTech, WNS, Galaxy, Win Win or other manufacturers  limbs.  You can build a budget bow with a set of $99.00 Limbs or go with a set costing as much as 4 or 5 hundred or even 9 hundred dollars.

The ILF system allows you to tiller your bow for walking the string, 3 fingers under or split fingers.

Bow weight can be adjusted between 4 and 6 percent.

The 19 inch riser weighs 1 pd 14 oz.   The 21 inch riser weighs 2 pds 3 oz.

Absolutely stable when shooting long, medium or short ILF limbs.

The 19” riser has a 4 inch Window and the 21 inch riser has a 4 1/2” window and they are is cut past center.

The Brass 5/16 by 24 insert is counter sunk into the riser and installed from the window side guarantying it will never loosen as any adjustable arrow rest can only tighten it. The stabilizer and brass sight inserts are already installed.

A Springy Arrow rest or plunger can be set partially inside to allow you perfect arrow alignment for your personal shooting style.

The 19 inch riser will make a shorter hunting bow 60 or 62 inches depending on what ILF set of limbs you use.  The 21 inch riser will make a more tournament, ASA, IBO, Field oriented bow of 62, 64 or 66 inches depending on limb length you use.

International shipping includes Canada, Mexico Europe will be more please email for a shipping quote  or Pat’s phone 530-362-0423


How to choose ILF Limbs for your Pat Norris Signature Series 19 or 21 inch Riser.
This Chart was pulled from the internet and covers 13 to 25 inch risers.

It shows Maximum recommended Draw length for each length Limbs on various risers in Blue.   I find it very accurate but I also know people that exceed these draw lengths with no problems.  The Black numbers represent what bow length will be made with all these risers so you can figure out the string length you will need or want.

For performance.

The limbs have to match your draw length so you “unwind” the curves and get the full “ooomph” out of the limb. If you have a short draw length and long limbs you will leave a lot of performance on the table. I’m talking recurve here since I know nothing about longbow limbs.

Again, choose your limb length based on draw length and then the riser length to achieve the length of bow you want to wind up with.

How does riser length affect draw weight?

Most risers measure 25 inches, but 27, 23 and shorter hunting risers are also available. “If you take a 42-pound medium set of limbs and put them on a 23-inch riser, you’ll have a 66-inch bow and a 44-pound draw weight,”

When you go to a 27-inch riser, subtract 2 pounds from the marked weight.

ILF limbs are weight marked based on a 25 inch riser.

When using the same limbs with a shorter riser the draw weight will be higher.  The table below is approximately what you will get as different manufacturers Limbs are plus or minus a pound or two.  Use the table below to make the poundage you want with your riser.

How to use this chart  and please remember it is +or- a little

If you want  32-34 pounds on a 21 inch riser

First look at the 21 inch line find the closest poundage to 32-34 pounds which in this case is 33 pounds so check the top line for the limb weight which is marked 30 pounds. 

On a 19 inch riser the same limbs would give you 35 pounds

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