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Ragim Antelope 62" Bow

Ragim Antelope 62" Bow

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The Antelope Take down is a wonderful bow with a classic shape and laminated superbly with high quality woods such as Padouk, Hard Maple, Walnut give this bow one of the best aesthetic looks available. You will be amazed at the comfortable grip and smooth pull.

62 inches long but when taken down will fit in a bow case or even your suit case for traveling.

The riser has been outfitted with Sight/quiver threaded metal bushings on the outside of the window, Springy Rest/Berger Button thread medal bushing and a stabilizer or bowfishing bushing. All professionally installed at the factory.

The limbs are crafted with hard Maple and clear fiberglass. Limb Tips are strengthened and reinforced. The limbs attach simply and accurately every time. Please use a bow string when ever stringing you bow for safety and ease of stringing.

Developed with the serious bowhunter on a budget in mind. You can also buy different weight limbs making this a bow for all seasons.

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