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Ragim Impala Deluxe 60" Bow

Ragim Impala Deluxe 60" Bow

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The multilaminated Riser is made of Kevazingo, Wahnut and black Multiwood layers.The riser is formed in a simple but elegant shape to high light the various laminations. You will be proud to show and shoot this bow. The riser is equipped with all the metal inserts to install a bowsight or bow quiver, a stabilizer or bow fishing reel and a bushing to install a Springy Arrow rest.

Limbs are laminated wood and fiberglass with reinforced limb tips. You can purchase both a heavy set of limbs for hunting and an extra set lighter for fun recreational shooting, 3-D or target.

Please use a bow string when ever stringing you bow for safety and ease of stringing.

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