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Pat Norris Archery

UV Hinge Release

UV Hinge Release

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NEW UltraView Hinge 2 Release


Why I love Ultra View releases by Pat Norris When I started in the archery business I was in my twenties and my mentors where the “old guys” Tom Jennings, Fred Bear, Earl Hoyt, Bob Blair, Gail Martin, Dale Marcy, Ernie Root and many others. I was blessed with knowing and learning from them.  Today you and Archery in general are truly blessed by the new younger generation of entrepreneurs, Trained engineers in materials and designing and software and on top of that they are also top performing archers, so what they build they prove and rework until perfect.  Kolby Hanley and Chris Bee both started as archers at George Ryals Archery Training center, went on to college and now have one of the most enterprising and successful archery companies  ULTRAVIEW ARCHERY

So here are some of the reasons I love Ultra View release aids.

Micro-adjust for the click and fire dual moons.  You can customize it to your exact preferred speed.

Magnetic head retention and it is quiet.  No more shaking your hand to get it ready to attach to your D-Loop.  It is always ready.

Designed to fit the human hand with comfort and control. 

The more consistent your grip on the release the better you shoot with control. You can customize it to the next level by attaching optional brackets for a custom feel, making it a 2, 3, or 4 finger release.  (brackets are sold separately).

Deliberately designed ergonomic finger beds to fit your hand perfectly.

Anodized Aluminum standard 3 finger $250.00 in stock

Two sizes med or large

Special order:   Matte Black Stainless Steel standard 3 finger $300.00 Two sizes med or large

Here is what the young engineers, archers and designers have to say from ULTRAVIEW..

Engineered for archery - Designed for you.

With The Hinge 2, we started the design by first looking at the human hand. How the release fits the hand is extremely important, your hand is what provides input to the release. We measured hundreds of hands and researched how they work – all the way down to the bone and muscle structure. The Hinge 2  release is truly one of the most comfortable releases you’ll ever shoot; Designed to fit your hand perfectly every time you draw your bow back. This consistent hand placement helps you develop rock-solid shot execution and tighter groups. Never let your release hang up again and become great with your archery with The Hinge 2.

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