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Pat Norris Archery

Roller Glide Cable Splitter Aluminum

Roller Glide Cable Splitter Aluminum

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This is the Cable Guard Roller slide that Pat uses on his PNA X-Factor compound.

It is the best quality Roller Glide he could find and Pat tested it extensively before deciding to stock it.  Black Anodized Aluminum with customer rollers

It has four rollers, one for each cable, and two for the cable guard.  The cables are fully separated, therefore, no rubbing wear on your cables.

It has two rollers that ride on the cable guard for positive alignment and smooth operations.  This Cable guard roller works with either a 5/16 or 3/8-inch cable guard.

It is not affected by bad weather, such as rain.

There are a few copies out there.  You can tell a copy as the copies have a screw holding them together.  Most of the screws loosen while shooting.  Buyer beware of copies.

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