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The APOLLO 1 RH compound imported

The APOLLO 1 RH compound imported

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Here is a great entrance-level compound bow that is economically priced to help the new archer start with a 38 - 39 inch bow.  Many of today's starter bows are in the 30 to 33 inch axle to axle length and are not as stable as a 38 inch or longer axle to axle bow.  Also most of them are 50% to 75% more expensive.

Pat tested this bow and its manufacturer for over a year before deciding to add them. he put it through the most grueling test, over pulling, dry firing, and a few other things that are not supposed to be done to a compound bow.  He never could get it to fail or break down.

This bow is adjustable from 24 inches to 30 inches in draw length. 

This great bow is adjustable from 25 pounds to 50 pounds, with good target weights that will adjust for almost all archers.  The bow is factory-equipped with threaded holes for Bowsights, Stabilizer, arrow rest, and has a Stainless Steel Adjustable cable guard with cable slide. 

Eccentrics are smooth on draw, store good energy, and have positive draw length adjustments, two flat head screws holding the draw length module and no bow press is needed. 

The limbs are fiberglass with an attractive carbon look to them.

Pat has sold them to youths, teenagers, and many adults.

38 1/2 to 39 inches axle to axle. 

Included with bow is one of Pat Norris' Original Stainless Steel SPRINGY ARROW REST, at no extra charge.

Available in Red, Blue and Black Right hand only.

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