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Pat Norris Archery

"THE RELEASE" Collectable from the 1960s

"THE RELEASE" Collectable from the 1960s

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This is the release that helped usher in the Release division from the 1960s .

"THE RELEASE" was one of the first if not the first commercially injection molded and marketed to archers just thinking about using a release.

Many of the first 300 perfect scores shot with releases were with "THE RELEASE"

Pat designed, had a mold made, manufactured and shot  "THE RELEASE"  It was unbreakable and most of the homemade ones broke.

Pulled with one finger and shot with two.   When shot properly the archer would have a complete surprise release and follow through.

If you have a release collection then this one belongs in it.   If you do not have a release collection here is a good one to start with.

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