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Custom Trivet by Claude

Claude the Trivet Man as he was known, made these unique home, hostess Gifts.

Each one is different and made from Oak and other beautiful woods.

He was born in France back in 1912 immigrated to Argentina and later legally immigrated to the USA.
He became a US citizen in the late 1960’s and always lived in California since legally immigrating.
Claude lived with Linda and I for almost 10 years.

Claude passed away when he was 99 and 3 months. I have many of his wonderful trivets left in-stock.
He taught me how to make them and work the wood so I will continue his tradition when his are sold out.

Please see pictures of Claude designing, laying out, gluing, planning, sanding his works of art.

Claude had about 2 - 3/4 hours labor of love in each trivet and he set the price just to help purchase wood and supplies. Many of the stores he made Trivets for sold them for $40 to $45 dollars
He was able to make between 5 and 7 each week. Most trivets are approximately 9 inches across and between 3/8 and 1/2 inches thick.
They all have 4 hardwood spacer feet. You can place the hottest of plates or pans on your Trivet and not harm your table or table cloth.
After sanding and inspection Claude coated each trivet both sides with natural mineral oil then he polished them with 00 steel wool. Each trivet was then coated with Johnson’s paste wax.

(If you wanted to use one as a cutting board then the wax can be left off. Just ask we will be happy to accommodate you.)

Shipping to USA is via priority mail and DHL.
Packaged for shipping weighs about 2 pounds.
Shipping to Europe and other countries is via Global Priority mail.

This item is a great gift for any occasion.
We will ship it to whomever you wish.

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