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Pat Norris Archery

Stainless Steel Original Springy Arrow Rest

Stainless Steel Original Springy Arrow Rest

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Updated and improved 2021

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US Pat. #4,299,195 Pat Norris

Complete Springy system with ONE springy Coil of your choice.
RH or LH 10oz black, 15oz gold irodine, 20oz silver cad, 25oz Black, 30oz bright gold and 35oz  bright silver

Developed with my great friend Bill Dahl (deceased).
Bill assigned the rights to Pat Norris back in 1974.
Bill made the first one from a carborator spring.
My friend Bill Dahl was a championship quality archer with a recurve bow and later a compound. We developed the Original Springy rest with a curved arm. All companies that copied us had a hard time copying the curved arm. Ours went through a special heat treating that made them stronger and more flexible in 360 degrees. This movement helped to absorb just about all archer induced conflicts and torque.

For tunning almost all of the great shots both recurve and compound that shot the Springy paper tunned their bows at 6 to 8 feet and wanted a 1/4 inch tear towards 11:00 o'clock instead of a perfect tear.

I later designed a micro-adjustable stainless steel Springy holding system.

Overseas shipments are higher and I will email overseas buyers with the cost to their country.


Springy Set up!
The springy arrow rest is pretty simple. Standard Springy....Screw in the base/rod. Screw a spring on it. Adjust center shot and tighten base/rod with hex nut.

Setup for Micro Adjust body tighten by adjusting it tight against the supplied washer. Do not over tighten as you can break it. If you need more or less left - right adjustment either take out a washer or add a washer to help adjust center shot.

Adjust it so that the center of your arrow is in the center of the coil resting on the arm. Shoot some arrows and check alignment with target...adjust left or right to get the arrow hitting down the middle. If you have nock high or low adjust your nocking point to get it flat.
The best archers usually had a paper tear of about 1/4 inch at 11:00 o'clock shot from 6 to 8 feet.  For Barebow shooters Paper tune at 17 to 20 feet. 

Most archers buy two or three different sizes of springs and then shoot one for a week or so. Then change to another spring weight and shoot it for a week or so. You will find that one setup works perfect for you and you also will find that a buddy will shoot a different weight springy even though you both have the same weight bow, same arrow size and length. It just happens.

If you want additional springs with this order - CLICK HERE.

Please Read " Springy Arrow Rest - Rules of Thumb"

The Original Springy is now in Bright Stainless Steel!

Good morning Pat, 
The package (Order #3267) arrived on Friday (23.07.). On Sunday I finally found time to try the first Springy on one of my ACS Bows.... The result is fantastic..., i am thrilled..., the long way of searching has finally come to an end.
Thanks a lot, see you soon and best regards from Dortmund in Germany.
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